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Other interesting places or events - Italy

Most Unusual Hotels of the World: Torre PrendiparteRating: 9.60
There are many different unusual hotels throughout the world. The most unique of them consist of only one room. In ..., read more...

CourmayeurRating: 8.40

Courmayeur is a classic Italian winter resort located at an altitude of 1,225 meters, at the foot of the highest ..., read more...

MalcesineRating: 8.40

During our trip to Italy we had to choose accommodation on the Garda lake. Malcesine is the obvious choice. It ..., read more...

Santa Caterina LakeRating: 8.40
We found this lake when we were traveling from Slovenia to the Dolomites. The lake is artificial with adjustable water ..., read more...

PitiglianoRating: 8.00

We saw on the Internet a picture of Pitigliano at night and decided to spend the night in this town. The ..., read more...

PortovenereRating: 7.60
Portovenere is a small town, a suburb of La Spezia. There is an ancient embankment, a beach, rocks, a castle and nice places for walking - everything that cannot be found in La Spezia. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The place is very beautiful, we recommend, read more...

Mount San Biagio and the Statue of Christ the RedeemerRating: 7.60
Of course, the most famous statue of Christ is located in Rio de Janeiro. There are similar statues in many other countries, though they are not so famous, for example, in Lisbon. A statue of Christ the Redeemer in Italy, 22 meters high, was erected on Mount San Biagio in 1965, read more...

Duino Castle and Rilke TrailRating: 7.20
In the town of Duino there are two interesting sights. At the top of the coastal cliff stands a picturesque castle of 15th century, read more...

TriesteRating: 7.00
In the Middle Ages, the free imperial city of Trieste was an important port and trade center because of its strategic position. For a long time it belonged to the Austrian Habsburgs, one of the most powerful royal families in Europe. In the struggle for Trieste, Italy even entered the First World War, having received not only the port, but also a significant part of Austria, in particular the Dolomites, the most beautiful mountains of Europe, read more...

Fenis CastleRating: 6.80

The Fenis Castle is located in northern Italy, in the mountainous region of Valle d'Aosta. It's a well-preserved example of ..., read more...

Varone Falls (Cascate del Varone)Rating: 6.80

Varone waterfall, with a height of almost 100 meters, is an interesting natural landmark. It's not visible from the outside ..., read more...

Park of Monsters in BomarzoRating: 6.80

In the town of Bomarzo, you can visit probably the most unusual park in Italy - the Park of Monsters ..., read more...

SyracuseRating: 6.80
Despite the fact that Siracusa is smaller than Catania, the city looks much nicer, which is not surprising, since it ..., read more...

CamogliRating: 6.80
Camogli is a small fishing village and a tourist center on the Ligurian coast. Here is a beautiful sunset and not as many tourists as in the Cinque Terre. We stopped for an overnight stay, walked along the promenade and sat in a restaurant, read more...

Norman castle in Cosenza (Castello Svevo)Rating: 6.80
The castle was originally built by the Saracens around the year 1000, but since then nothing has been preserved. Later it was owned by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II who imprisoned here his son Henry, read more...

Vignanotica BeachRating: 6.80
Large pebble beach in Gargano National Park. A distinctive feature is the high limestone cliffs. The beach is wild, but in summer there are cafes, showers, toilets, sunbeds and rentals, read more...

MonterossoRating: 6.60
Monterosso al Mare is the largest city in the Cinque Terre with all the infrastructure. Only here there is a big  car parking, where you can leave your car and visit all the towns by train. Also, only here you can find large sandy beaches and the promenade , read more...

ParmaRating: 6.40
Parma is a city with a famous name, but unknown content. Not many people outside the Italy will be able ..., read more...

Bagni San FilippoRating: 6.20

Bagni San Filippo is a known Italian thermal spa that was used even by the ancient Romans. Waterfalls in the forest ..., read more...

Tuscan RivieraRating: 6.20

Between Livorno and La Spezia there's a huge 100 km long beach. It has several names: Tuscan Riviera, Versilia, or Etruscan ..., read more...

SirmioneRating: 6.20

The town of Sirmione is located in a very unusual place and that's why we decided to visit it. There's ..., read more...

ModenaRating: 6.00
Modena is known primarily as the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari. The most famous landmark in the city is a house-museum ..., read more...

La SpeziaRating: 6.00
La Spezia is the administrative center of the Liguria province. There is one of the largest container and military ports of Italy in the city and therefore here are not so many tourists, read more...

Vajont DamRating: 6.00
The decommissioned and notorious dam that caused one of the largest man-made disasters in history, read more...

CataniaRating: 5.60
Catania have met us with crowds of migrants near the train station. In general, the city has left a negative ..., read more...

Castel del Monte CastleRating: 5.60
Castell del Monte Castle is one of the oldest surviving medieval castles, was built in 1240-1250. It is a regular octagon. There is no exact information about what kind of building it is and who built it, most probably the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, read more...

Natural Arch in PalinuroRating: 5.20
Near the town of Palinuro there is a picturesque sand and pebble beach with a natural arch. Despite the crystal clear water, the beach is small, not very comfortable and not fully equipped. The arch is dangerous, so a protective tunnel was built, read more...

Cala dArconte Beach and Capogrosso BeachRating: 4.60
There are two little-known sand and pebble beaches in the town of Marina di Camerota. They are quite large and wide, in the summer there are restaurants, a toilet, a shower, umbrellas and sunbeds for hire, read more...

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