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Nations Park in Lisbon, PortugalRating: 9.60
Nations Park is a city within a city and one of the most beautiful places in Lisbon. This area was ..., read more...

Valencia, SpainRating: 9.40

Valencia is an unusual city. Walking through the City of Arts and Sciences we met tourists which told us that ..., read more...

Bike Path in Porto, PortugalRating: 9.20
Porto, in general, is not a cycling city, which is not surprising, taking into attention the topography. However, it has ..., read more...

The fishing village of Alnes and Storhornet mountain, NorwayRating: 9.00
The fishing village of Alnes is situated on the neighboring island of Ålesund. It makes sense to come here to ..., read more...

The most expensive real estate in the world at Cap Ferrat, FranceRating: 9.00
Where do you think is the most expensive residential property in the world, which can be bought? In Hong Kong, London, New York?, read more...

Dubai Marina, UAERating: 8.80

Dubai Marina is a new ultra modern district of Dubai. There are many hotels here, and this is probably the ..., read more...

Drapano Bridge, GreeceRating: 8.80
Drapano Bridge (or De Bosset Bridge) is the most important architectural monument of the English occupation of Kefalonia. It was built by the military in 1813 from wood, and in 1830 it was rebuilt from stone, read more...

Batumi, GeorgiaRating: 8.60

It's not easy to describe Batumi at the moment, because the city has changed in recent years. Now it looks ..., read more...

Blue Grotto, MaltaRating: 8.60
Blue Grotto is the most famous natural attraction of the main island of Malta. This is not single grotto, but ..., read more...

Belem, PortugalRating: 8.60
Belem district has a special significance for the Portuguese. Here famous discoverers were starting their jorneys. Among them Henry the ..., read more...

Benidorm, SpainRating: 8.60

Benidorm is a Spanish touristic phenomenon, very unusual city for Spain. Its main feature is a huge number of skyscrapers. ..., read more...

Valletta, MaltaRating: 8.60
Valletta is the capital of Malta and the major tourist center of the country. It's location is unique, as there ..., read more...

Novyi Svet, UkraineRating: 8.60

Novyi Svet (New World) is one of the most known places in Crimea. Many famous Soviet movies were made here. ..., read more...

San Sebastian, SpainRating: 8.60
We stopped in San Sebastian because we saw a beautiful photo on the Internet. This view opens from Mount Monte Igueldo. The cape in the photo divides the city in half and forms two huge beaches: the one in the photo - La Concha and the distant, which is not visible - La Zurriola, which is more suitable for surfers, read more...

Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), MontenegroRating: 8.40

Boka Kotorska is the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea. It is sometimes called a fjord, but it's not a fjord, ..., read more...

Nafplio, GreeceRating: 8.40
Nafplion is a small, cozy town on the coast of the Argolicos Gulf of the Aegean Sea. This is not a beach resort, but if you are traveling around Greece, be sure to stop here, at least for a day, read more...

Bremerhaven, GermanyRating: 8.40

City of Bremerhaven is a port of Bremen. Together they form a separate and the smallest land in Germany. City ..., read more...

Lastochkino Gnezdo (Swallow's Nest), UkraineRating: 8.40

Swallow's Nest resembles a tiny medieval castle. It's an unofficial symbol of Crimea, and the picture from this angle I ..., read more...

Malmo, SwedenRating: 8.20
A large city in Sweden in the southern part of the country, an important industrial and transport hub, read more...

Oresund bridge, SwedenRating: 8.20
Saga Noren, Malmo Police. If the phrase tells you something, then this place is a must-see, read more...

Cefalu, ItalyRating: 8.20
Cefalu is a small resort town in the north of Sicily, an hour's drive from Palermo. Saw it's picture on ..., read more...

Camargue National Park, FranceRating: 8.20
The Camargue National Park is the most unusual park in France. Absolutely non-European landscapes, herds of white horses and the only place on the continent where pink flamingos nest, read more...

Cape Fiolent, UkraineRating: 8.20

Cape Fiolent is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine.  As Kara Dag, Fiolent is an extinct volcano ..., read more...

A Coruna, SpainRating: 8.20
A middle sized city in the north-west of Spain, a port and a popular resort, famous for the football club Deportivo La Coruna, the champion of the country 1999/00. You can find two city names: La Coruña - in Spanish or A Coruña - in Galician, read more...

Sellin, GermanyRating: 8.20
Traditional German seaside resort on the Baltic Sea, opened in 1880. We recommend it because of its beautiful wooden architecture and the overall atmosphere, read more...

Dead Sea, JordanRating: 8.00

Dead Sea is a unique natural formation located between Israel and Jordan. It is 67 km long and 18 km wide, ..., read more...

Kronborg Castle, DenmarkRating: 8.00

Tourists that travel by ferry from Denmark to Helsingborg in Sweden or vice versa, always notice a huge castle located ..., read more...

Rabida island, EcuadorRating: 8.00

Rabida Island has a second name Jervis, in honor of the British Admiral John Jervis. The official name Rabida was ..., read more...

El Medano beach on the Tenerife island, SpainRating: 8.00
El Medano is an excellent, deserted beach in the southern part of the Tenerife island. We came here to swim ..., read more...

Balaklava, UkraineRating: 8.00

In Balaklava, the main attraction for us was a top-secret submarine base (825 GTS Object). But the Balaklava Bay is a paradise ..., read more...

Sankt Peter-Ording, GermanyRating: 8.00
St. Peter-Ording is the mayor resort of Schleswig-Holstein, the only seaside resort in Germany with a sulphur spring. The geography of this place is very interesting. The coast is very flat and tides can be up to 3 meters. Therefore, between the sandy beach and the hotels is a 1 kilometer buffer zone, read more...

Bergen, NorwayRating: 7.80

Bergen is the second largest and important tourist city in Norway. It is located in the western part of the ..., read more...

Aphrodite's Rocks, CyprusRating: 7.80

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology (Venus in Roman mythology). Cyprus is an island of ..., read more...

Oulu, FinlandRating: 7.80
A city in northern Finland, on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia, a convenient place to spend the night when traveling around the country, read more...

Las Teresitas beach on the Tenerife island, SpainRating: 7.80
Las Teresitas Beach is the best on the island of Tenerife. This is not the only sandy beach, but its ..., read more...

Sainte-Marie de la Mer, FranceRating: 7.80
If you come to the Camargue National Park, then most likely visit the town of Sainte-Marie-de-la-Mer. It is quite old, founded in the 4th century and the old cathedral was built in the 12th century. In the summer this is a very popular beach resort, actually the whole town is one big beach , read more...

Lofoten Islands, NorwayRating: 7.80
Lofoten Islands is one of the most interesting places in Europe. They were our goal for a long time, but to get there is not easy, read more...

Yalta, UkraineRating: 7.80

Yalta is the main resort of Ukraine. Together with nearby towns it forms the Big Yalta, a special administrative unit, ..., read more...

Westerheversand Lighthouse, GermanyRating: 7.80
The Westerheversand Lighthouse, built in 1908, is the most famous lighthouse in Germany and a symbol of the north of the country. Stands in the middle of the fields with absolutely nothing for a few kilometers around. Two identical houses are built near the lighthouse, in one of them there is a local registry office. The place is very unusual and worth a visit, read more...

Msida - Gzira - Sliema, MaltaRating: 7.60
After visiting Valletta it's good idea to stroll along the promenade to Sliema. We marked this route on the next ..., read more...

Fiscardo Bay and the Venetian Lighthouse, GreeceRating: 7.60
Fiscardo is a small fishing village in the north of Kefalonia. Previously, here was the main port on the island, and now it is a quiet, peaceful place, with a small promenade and restaurants. The territory around the village is declared a nature reserve in order to preserve woodland and ancient architecture, read more...

Split, CroatiaRating: 7.60

Split is the second largest and important city in Croatia. Unlike Zagreb, it is located on the coast and therefore ..., read more...

Cape Greco, CyprusRating: 7.60

Cape Greco is located in the south-east corner of Cyprus. It is divided into two parts: military and national park. ..., read more...

Odessa, UkraineRating: 7.60


During a trip to Vylkove we walked around the city for 2 hours. The central part looks cool, ..., read more...

Monemvasia, GreeceRating: 7.60
Monemvasia is one of the most unusual cities in the world, we have not seen anything like it. Even the geographical position of this place attracts thousands of tourists, read more...

Portovenere, ItalyRating: 7.60
Portovenere is a small town, a suburb of La Spezia. There is an ancient embankment, a beach, rocks, a castle and nice places for walking - everything that cannot be found in La Spezia. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The place is very beautiful, we recommend, read more...

Cape Meganom, UkraineRating: 7.60

Cape Meganom is a natural attraction that is full of backpackers in summer. Our friends even have a tradition of ..., read more...

Fort Boyard, FranceRating: 7.60
There are probably few people who did not hear the music of this famous TV show, read more...

Kara Dag Volcano, UkraineRating: 7.60

Kara Dag is one of the most beautiful and unusual places in Ukraine. It's not just the mountains but the ..., read more...

Pancha Island (Illa Pancha), SpainRating: 7.60
We came to Pancha Island by chance. Actually, if you are a tourist, you can easily come to the lookout, take a walk in the area and look at the island. The view will be like this, read more...

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Fairytale castle near Kiev
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