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Light-musical fountains on the Rusanivka channel, UkraineRating: 9.20
On a warm summer evening, be sure to visit one of the most romantic places in Kyiv - light-musical fountains on the Rusanivka channel.

Fountains are located on the channel that surrounds one of the world's first urban artificial islands. Rusanivka was established in 1961, as an exemplary residential area, read more...

Kyiv, UkraineRating: 8.80

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It's a large city by European standards and attractive in terms of tourism. We ..., read more...

Light and Music Fountain "Roshen" in Vinnytsia, UkraineRating: 8.80

September 4, 2011 turned a new page in the touristic history of Vinnytsia. Almost in the downtown, on the ..., read more...

Light and Music Fountain near the Puppet Theater, UkraineRating: 8.20

In the center of Kyiv near the puppet theater there is a small light and music fountain with a sculpture ..., read more...

Dubai Fountain, UAERating: 8.20

Light and music fountain is one of Dubai wonders. It is located on an artificial lake near the world's tallest ..., read more...

Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen in Hannover, GermanyRating: 7.60
Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen in Hannover are made up of several different gardens: Large Garden, Berggarden, Georgengarden and Welfengarden. We ..., read more...

Gurzuf Park, UkraineRating: 7.60

Gurzuf Park is one of the first parks that were founded after the return of Crimea to Russia in 1808. The ..., read more...

Fountain of Vaucluse, FranceRating: 7.40
The Vaucluse fountain is a unique karst spring in the Provence region. It looks like a small lake with clear water, read more...

Dnipropetrovsk, UkraineRating: 6.40

Dnipropetrovsk is an industrial city, but still it's possible to relax and find some interesting places here. Convenient transport links ..., read more...

2020-11-26 15:48
2020-11-24 21:47
Trostyanets Arboretum
2020-11-14 15:20
Kyiv from above
2020-11-10 16:05
Wewurukannala Vihara Temple
2020-11-06 00:56
The most expensive real estate in the world at Cap Ferrat
Khertvisi Fortress - 9
Oleshky Sands - 9
The most expensive real estate in the world at Cap Ferrat - 10
Wewelsburg Castle - 10
Mount Nebelhorn - 10
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