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castle - France

Cormatin castleRating: 8.40
Initially, the castle of Cormatin was a traditional defensive structure. In the XVII century local aristocrats rebuilt it in the Renaissance style. Now this is a very beautiful place - a castle on the water and a large, well-groomed park, read more...

Chambord CastleRating: 8.00
One of the most beautiful and famous castles in France, a Renaissance masterpiece, built in 1519-1547 in the Loire Valley, during the reign of King Francis I. Lenardo Da Vinci participated in the design of the castle, read more...

Chenonceau Castle (Chateau de Chenonceau)Rating: 8.00
One of the most beautiful and famous castles in France. It is unique that it is built in the form of a bridge over the river. Often referred to as a "ladies" castle, as it is connected to the stories of many famous and influential women, read more...

VitreRating: 7.80
Vitre is located in Brittany, near Rennes. We recommend it as a classic old French town. Here are a few tourists and a cozy old center with traditional architecture, read more...

Valencay Castle (Chateau de Valencay)Rating: 7.80
A Renaissance architectural monument with perfectly preserved interiors, which were created by its most famous owner - politician Talleyrand, read more...

Saint-MaloRating: 7.60
Saint-Malo is a very touristy, but beautiful and a lovely place. We stayed here two nights in the hotel ibis Saint Malo Plage (booking.com). Consider problems with parking during summer season and book hotel only with parking lot, read more...

Chateau Gaillard castleRating: 7.60
Castle Château Gaillard is located in Normandy in the small town of Les Andelys. Built by widely known English King Richard the Lionheart in the 1196-1198, read more...

FougeresRating: 7.40
Fougeres is an ancient town in Brittany, typical example of a fortified town, read more...

Mont Saint MichelRating: 7.00
Very often you see a picture of a fairytale castle among the pictures of France, read more...

Chateau de BeynacRating: 7.00
Well-preserved medieval castle on a high cliff above the Dordogne River, read more...

Cheverny CastleRating: 7.00
The Cheverny castle was built in the Baroque style in 1624-1634 by the Royal Chancellor Philippe Hurault, whose heirs own the castle to this day. That's why the castle has preserved the luxurious interiors of the times of Louis XIII. Since 1914 it has been open to tourists, read more...

Castelnaud castle (Chateau de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle)Rating: 6.60
Well-preserved medieval castle on a high cliff above the Dordogne River, read more...

Beauregard Castle (Chateau de Beauregard)Rating: 6.60
Renaissance castle in the Loire Valley, built in 1545. Although it's private and residential, the park and castle can be visited, read more...

VannesRating: 6.40
Vannes is an ancient town in the region of Brittany, the tourism center. The town is beautiful, but very crowded. We started our walk from the harbor, read more...

Berze castleRating: 6.40
The castle of Berze is a large and well-preserved defensive structure, built in the 13-15 centuries. There are 13 towers on the territory, as well as gardens and orchards. It is private, the place is not touristic, but from April to September it can be visited, read more...

Sercy castleRating: 6.00
The castle of Sercy in Burgundy was built in the 13th-15th centuries. Belonged to the local family of Sercy until the 16th century, when Philibert Sercy died during a wedding in Lyon. After that, the castle came to desolation, was plundered and few times changed the owner, read more...

Fort la LatteRating: 5.00
One of the most famous castles of Brittany. Built in 1340 - 1370 for the protection of the Saint-Malo gulf, read more...

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Hundisburg castle
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Goreme National Park - 9
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