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Anholt castle, GermanyRating: 7.80
For many centuries Anholt Castle is privately owned by the princely family of Salm-Salm. One half of it is turned into a hotel, and the second is a small museum and living rooms of the owners. During the Second World War, the castle received significant damage. The restoration was completed in 1966, read more...

Gluckburg Castle, GermanyRating: 7.80
Glücksburg is the northernmost castle in Germany. It was built in 1582 in the middle of a lake in the city of the same name. Over the centuries it was one of the most important family seats in Northern Germany. Here lived Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein and, occasionally, the Danish kings, read more...

Clemenswerth Castle, GermanyRating: 7.80
Despite the name "castle", it is more of a hunting complex, though it has a very unusual, geometric shape. It was built in 1737-1747 by order of Bishop Clemens Augustus, and the architect was famous Baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun, read more...

Ploen Castle and Prinzeninsel Island, GermanyRating: 7.80
The city of Plön stands on the rather large Lake Großer Plöner See in the heart of the Holstein Switzerland natural park (Naturpark Holsteinische Schweiz). It is curious that in many countries natural parks are compared with Switzerland, read more...

Ohrid, North MacedoniaRating: 7.60
Ohrid is the most famous Macedonian resort. It is a small town on the shores of a huge lake, surrounded from all sides by high mountains. The location is very picturesque and quite popular. The city and the lake are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you arrive in Macedonia only for one day, spend it here, read more...

Orebro, SwedenRating: 7.60

Örebro is a beautiful city located in the center of Sweden. The main attraction is the Örebro Castle, founded in ..., read more...

Khotyn Fortress, UkraineRating: 7.60


Khotyn Fortress is situated on the picturesque bank of the Dniester river in the town of Khotyn, just ..., read more...

Huennefeld Castle, GermanyRating: 7.60

Hünnefeld Castle is located several kilometers from the Ippenburg Castle. The area was first mentioned in 1146. The first castle was ..., read more...

Saint-Malo, FranceRating: 7.60
Saint-Malo is a very touristy, but beautiful and a lovely place. We stayed here two nights in the hotel ibis Saint Malo Plage (booking.com). Consider problems with parking during summer season and book hotel only with parking lot, read more...

Castle het Nijenhuis, NetherlandsRating: 7.60
Nehauus Castle dates back to 1382 and will delight lovers of modern art, read more...

Chateau Gaillard castle, FranceRating: 7.60
Castle Château Gaillard is located in Normandy in the small town of Les Andelys. Built by widely known English King Richard the Lionheart in the 1196-1198, read more...

Zolochiv Castle, UkraineRating: 7.60

Castle and fortress in Zolochev were built in 1634 by Jakub Sobieski. The building was based on the principle of ..., read more...

Svirzh Castle, UkraineRating: 7.60

Svirzh Castle (first mentioned in 1530) is located on a hill near the lake and is very picturesque and well maintained ..., read more...

Wuerzburg, GermanyRating: 7.60

Würzburg is little known among foreign tourists. This Baroque city is located in the heart of Germany, while most tourists ..., read more...

Zbarazh Castle, UkraineRating: 7.60

Zbarazh Castle is located near the center of town Zbarazh in Ternopil region. Near the castle there is a nice ..., read more...

Weimar, GermanyRating: 7.60

Frankly speaking, we didn't know about Weimar before our visit. But afterward it became clear that one day was not ..., read more...

Moritzburg castle, GermanyRating: 7.60
After the division of Saxony in 1485 and the transfer of the residence to Dresden and Wittenberg, a lot of ..., read more...

Uzhgorod, UkraineRating: 7.60
Uzhgorod is an administrative center of the Zakarpattia Region and the largest city. It stands on the banks of the ..., read more...

Bran Castle, RomaniaRating: 7.40
Bran Castle is the most famous landmark of Transylvania and Romania, the main goal of most tourists. Even if you have never heard the word "Bran", you know about Dracula's castle, read more...

Gremi Castle, GeorgiaRating: 7.40

Gremi castle and church is an architectural monument that was built in 1565 by the king of Kakheti Levan. His tomb ..., read more...

Evenburg Castle in Leer, GermanyRating: 7.40

There are several interesting sights in the town of Leer in northern Germany. The most notable of them is the ..., read more...

Palace of the Count Schoenborn, UkraineRating: 7.40
The trains in the direction of Uzhgorod go through the Chynadiyovo village, but only some of the passengers know that ..., read more...

Fougeres, FranceRating: 7.40
Fougeres is an ancient town in Brittany, typical example of a fortified town, read more...

Palanok Castle in Mukacheve, UkraineRating: 7.40

In the town of Mukacheve at the height of 70 meters stands an interesting Palanok Castle. The castle can be ..., read more...

Javier Castle, SpainRating: 7.40
Javier Castle was originally built in the 10th century. From 1236 it belonged to the king of Navarre and was rebuilt many times until it was destroyed in 1516, after the capture of the Kingdom of Navarre by the Spaniards.

At that time, the castle was owned by the father of Francisco Xavier, co-founder of the Jesuit Order. The first Catholic missionary in Japan was born in the castle, but his father’s lands were soon confiscated. In his honor, in March, pilgrims come to the castle and monastery, read more...

Palma de Mallorca, SpainRating: 7.40
Palma is the capital of Majorca and a major tourist center. We visited it already twice, and the second time we came on New Year's, read more...

Gemen castle, GermanyRating: 7.40
Gemen castle was built in 1411 on the site of a castle of the 11th century, by one of the richest people in Westphalia. It is located in the middle of the lake, on two islands. At the moment there is a children's training center in the castle, so the castle has the second name "youth castle", read more...

Dornburg palaces (Dornburger Schloesser), GermanyRating: 7.40
The architectural ensemble of the three palaces in the city of Dornburg. All three buildings are located in a line at the top of a hill and are built in different styles, read more...

Burgk castle, GermanyRating: 7.40
Was built in 1403 and belonged to the noble family of Reuss. The castle is located in a picturesque place, on the banks of the river Saale, read more...

Wolfsburg Castle and Park, GermanyRating: 7.40
In addition to Automotive City, there is a pretty good park with a castle in Wolfsburg, read more...

Ulrichshusen castle, GermanyRating: 7.40
Romantic castle on the shore of the lake of the same name in the heart of the national park of Mecklenburg Switzerland, read more...

Ahrensburg Castle, GermanyRating: 7.40
A snow-white square-shaped castle located in a small town of the same name, not far from Hamburg. There is a well-kept English-style park around the castle, read more...

Brake castle, GermanyRating: 7.40
Weser Renaissance castle in the city of Lemgo. A distinctive feature is the seven-story tower, read more...

Asos, GreeceRating: 7.20
Asos (Assos) is a miniature village in the north of Kefalonia island. In the winter months, when there are few tourists, the population is less than 100 people. But in the Middle Ages it was a significant defense center and regional capital, read more...

Alden Biesen Castle, BelgiumRating: 7.20
A large castle of 16th century in the village of Rijkhoven. There is a church and a well-kept garden on site. In 1971, the castle burned down in a fire; at the moment, the restoration is almost complete. Currently used as a conference center and open to tourists. In 2019, we walked around the territory for free, read more...

Guimaraes, PortugalRating: 7.20
Guimaraes is a small, ancient town located 50 km from Porto. Has a sagnificant importance for Portugal, as there on ..., read more...

Platamonas castle, GreeceRating: 7.20
The castle of Platamonas was founded by Crusaders in the 10th century. It is built between the mountains and the sea, in a strategic point between Greek Macedonia and southern Greece, read more...

Medzhybizh Fortress, UkraineRating: 7.20

Medzhybizh Fortress not as famous as other fortresses in Ukraine, but the place is interesting. It was built in 1540 ..., read more...

Duino Castle and Rilke Trail, ItalyRating: 7.20
In the town of Duino there are two interesting sights. At the top of the coastal cliff stands a picturesque castle of 15th century, read more...

Eltz Castle, GermanyRating: 7.20

Eltz Castle is one of the most beautiful medieval buildings in Germany. It had never been destroyed or captured. The castle ..., read more...

Ternopil, UkraineRating: 7.20

This time we came to Ternopil for three days. Spent the night at the hotel "Ternopil", overlooking the ..., read more...

Starokostyantyniv, UkraineRating: 7.20

Starokostyantyniv has two places of interest: ruins of a defense tower as tall as a 12-floor building and ruins of ..., read more...

Berlepsch castle, GermanyRating: 7.20
The defensive castle of Berlepsch was built in the 14th century right in the middle of the forest. Few times it was destroyed and rebuilt, and received it's current shape in 1880-90. The castle is interesting first of all for its romantic silhouette, read more...

German Fairy Tale Route, GermanyRating: 7.20
Germany has many interesting routes, one of which is designed specifically for trips with children - Fairy Tale Route. The places on this route are not imaginary, but quite real. The most famous German writers - the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm loved to travel and collect different stories. Places where they heard and recorded fairy tales were included in this this route, read more...

Flechtingen water castle, GermanyRating: 7.20
The picturesque castle on the shore of the pond, surrounded on all sides by water, read more...

Castle in Skalat, UkraineRating: 7.20
A small village of Skalat has a castle founded by Krzysztof Wichrowski in 1630. Towers are fully preserved, walls and ..., read more...

Kalkhorst Castle, GermanyRating: 7.20
The castle stands on the territory of the feudal estate, founded in the 14th century. The modern, neo-Gothic building was built in the years 1853-1874. The general design of the estate was created by the architect Conrad Wilhelm Hase, known for many buildings, for example, the best castle in Lower Saxony - Marienburg, read more...

Oldenburg, GermanyRating: 7.20
Oldenburg is best known as the medieval residence of the dynasty of the same name. Until 1773, the Earl of Oldenburg was also the king of Denmark, which means the weight of the title was huge, read more...

Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida, LatviaRating: 7.00
Sigulda is a great option for a day trip from Riga. In a small area there is a huge number ..., read more...

Mont Saint Michel, FranceRating: 7.00
Very often you see a picture of a fairytale castle among the pictures of France, read more...

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